Get Your FMCG Products on Shelves Around the World In Less Than A Year With Wabel Online Summits!

Innovatively easy, and most importantly effective. Wabel developed a unique model of Online B2B Smart Meetings, made to bring together curated buyers and vetted suppliers no matter the category.

Behind Each Meeting There’s a Match!

Okay, what does that actually mean? First, our Wabel Market Specialists look for the best suppliers and the best products. We have a team dedicated to following the latest consumer trends in the FMCG industry. Market specialists know the specific needs of the buyers in their category and they spend the time vetting suppliers and finding the coolest, most innovative products and solutions! Then, once the Wabel Team has found the best suppliers in the industry, they make sure that each supplier is matched with a minimum of 8 interested buyers.

Once registered, both buyers and suppliers have to fill out their profiles on our online platform with the help of one of Wabel’s Customer Success Managers. Thanks to these accurate and up-to-date details coming from each side, the Market Specialists can quickly figure out which buyers and suppliers would be a perfect match! Buyers get a list of all attending suppliers and choose the suppliers they are actually interested in working with.

Product Samples and Online B2B Meetings

Leading up to the Online Summit, you’ll receive your personalized and pre-matched schedule so you can prepare for each of your meetings beforehand! This means you have the chance to send or receive samples. Meeting online with Wabel isn’t a step-down from in-person trade shows, it’s an easier and more effective way to do business! We’ll make sure you don’t miss out on anything that could make your experience better.

If you’re used to doing in-person meetings and sales presentations, and the thought of moving online might daunt you. There’s no need to worry!

Wabel Online B2B Meetings were designed, and re-designed, with this exact purpose in mind and your valuable feedback. The set time makes the meetings focused on business and getting straight to the point.

Get Actual Feedback From Previous Suppliers and Buyers

If you’re still not convinced, check out what other suppliers and buyers have to say about Wabel Online Summits. Lynae and Meghan from ITL Health, suppliers from the latest Vitamins & Supplements Online Summit, appreciated the wide variety of international buyers. “We thought it was a really good representation of being able to expand the regions that we currently market in.”

Now that you’re persuaded, register for one of our upcoming Online Summits in your category now!

Uncover the next big thing in FMCG. Join Wabel summits and connect with a cutting edge network.

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