The Wabel Online Vitamins & Supplements Summit Experience

During the Wabel Vitamins & Supplements Online Summit, both buyers and suppliers discussed new business opportunities in fast-paced and curated B2B Smart Meetings™.

“I loved that the meetings were pre-matched by Wabel!” said Rosalin Süld, the CEO of BioNor Health. After the latest Vitamins & Supplements Online Summit, she took the time to chat with the Wabel team and share her success.

BioNor Health was one of the many suppliers present at the Online Summit. Over the span of two days, an international network of suppliers and buyers had the chance to discuss business opportunities during one-on-one meetings, all with the help from Wabel Customer Success Managers!

Lynae and Meghan from ITL Health appreciated the wide variety of international buyers. “We thought it was a really good representation of being able to expand the regions that we currently market in.”

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Wabel quickly moved their B2B meetings online so business could keep moving forward as usual. The online meeting platform, was optimized for this purpose exactly and is constantly evolving to match your needs. Nathalie Nasi from Easy Parapharmacie said, “It was very easy to use the website and select the suppliers”.

While we can’t provide our usual buffets at online summits, one of the aspects that Wabel focuses on is the efficiency of the overall business interactions. “It allowed us to meet up to twenty-five buyers in only two days, without having to travel around the world!” said Marguerite from Superdiet.

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