4 Tips From Real Buyers to Perfect Your Online Sales Pitch!

You’ve practiced your sales pitch over and over – and now you have to pitch during an online B2B meeting for a Wabel Summit?! Don’t panic.
We asked some of our best buyers what makes a perfect sales pitch!
Here are their best tips:
1. Get to know the person you’re pitching to.
Understand what the buyer needs and how you can respond to that need. Don’t forget to ask questions!
2. Do your homework.
Assess the requirements for each specific buyer, and figure out what solutions you can offer.
3. Focus on one product.
Wabel Online Summits are timed and designed for you to go straight to the point. After doing your research, focus on one particular product or range that matches the specific buyer you’re presenting to.
4. Have fun!
Wabel B2B Smart Meetings are business-centered, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your presentation fun and attention-grabbing!

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