Medene: French Simplicity For Aromatherapy

Focus on France: In a billion dollar market, a pharmacist, a chemist and an engineer came together to create a brand focused on bringing consumers back to basics.
In Europe, the aromatherapy market is expected to reach USD 3,590.60 million by 2027 according to Data Bridge Market Research analysis. Health and wellness trends are booming, and essential oils are often a large part of the wellness journey.
Medene, founded by Camille, Laure and Marie-Claire, deem themselves as “aromatherapy experts”. The brand participated at the latest UP Beauty Wabel Summit. Their products adapt to the different needs of each consumer to “solve issues in the beauty industry and well-being through essential oils,” explained Camille Pereira, during our exclusive interview.
What is the story behind Medene?
“In fact, everything came together around a common passion: natural cosmetics, and more particularly for essential oils. The triggering factor was that we noticed that there were a lot of accidents.
In particular, one of our friends, who uses a lot of essential oils to treat her acne problems. And one day, she completely burned her face, with a reaction bordering on anaphylactic shock, because of overdosing and misuse, that was the trigger. We said to ourselves that for Medene, we really want to make the experience with essential oils safer and simpler.”
Before we go any further, what is aromatherapy?
“Aromatherapy is a natural medicine that is treated by using essential oils. Essential oils are made from a plant, a root, a leaf, a flower, which is then heated with water vapor. When we heat this plant with water vapor, there are aromatic and chemical molecules which will gradually rise in condensation. Then, in the condenser, it will transform into a liquid state again.
From there, we are going to get two phases: the floral water phase which is less concentrated in essential oils and the phase that is highly concentrated in essential oils and thus in aromatic chemical molecules. This is going to be the essential oil that we are going to obtain at the end of the distillation process. This essential oil is rich in active ingredients and it’s what makes the products effective.
There are also essential oils that can be taken orally that will enter the regulation of food supplements. There are so many different uses, and also various regulations. There are many, many things you can do with essential oils.”
What is your favorite Medene product?
“If I had to pick one, I think it would be Code Red, which helps to prevent period pain. It regulates the menstrual cycle and helps to soothe the spasms that create this pain during your period. It is a product that I advise to apply preventatively because it treats the problem beforehand. It helps some people take less medications during their periods. The key ingredient is clary sage essential oil, which is pretty well known for regulating the menstrual cycle, and helping with cramps.
What is your distribution strategy?
“That’s a good question. Firstly, we want to be really well established in France and increase our notoriety and our visibility to have a real impact in the country. Then we would like, in terms of our development, to start with European countries like Belgium and Italy: countries that also have an interest in aromatherapy. These two countries are totally the priority target for our development in Europe. Ideally, thirdly, it would be the United States and Canada, since there is a large population that uses aromatherapy. It is something that is already well democratized there.”
In order to work on their product distribution, Medene participated at the latest Up Beauty Wabel Summit online. They got to meet with 20 buyers in the span of two days!
“There are several things. I think it was very interesting to be able to talk to so many people, it was a bit of a marathon of meetings all day. It’s very enriching. Of course, we’re going to exchange with at least 80 percent of the people I’ve been able to meet with.”
Medene is already thinking about joining next year’s Beauty Summit, “Overall, I am very satisfied with the experience with Wabel, and I think we’ll be back.”
If you want to source your essential oils from Medene, or another innovative, organic and trendy supplier from Wabel’s international network join one of our next summits!

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