How to Sell More with Less Effort

Have you ever listed all the things you have to do to sell your product? For most suppliers, it starts with identifying retailers. Next, you must find the right buyer within the retail group that’s responsible for your category- you can’t just go up to a salesperson and ask them to stock your product.
Then, you’ve got to get their correct contact details, reach to them, find out whether they can stock your product or not, etc. It’s only after all of this that you can set up a meeting to negotiate a deal.
You’ve probably been through this cycle a few times and so by now you know that it’s a lengthy process. Finding the right contact itself can take a few days even with a lot of effort. It can be quite frustrating. Especially because, often, all of this time that you are devoting to the initializing a new business relationship results in no visible outcome.
It’s only the last bit of negotiation that will result in a deal. This is the perfect example of why they say 80% of the results come from 20% of work done.
So, how do you make that 20% count for more?
Start by understanding that efficiency and effectiveness are not the same thing. You don’t really need to do more tasks, you need to focus on the 20% of actions that are most effective.
Study how each of your objectives contributes towards your overall goal. Identify which tasks go towards the 20% that counts and which are the 80% that simply take up your time. Then, it’s best to find a way to delegate the remaining 80% and focus on the 20%.
Partner with Wabel
Whether you’re dealing with food, drink or beauty brand & private label products, Wabel is the partner you need to handle that tiresome 80%. The solution helps identify your target retailers or distributors, find the right buyer for you inside the organization, and sets up private 30-minute B2B meetings with them.
All your meetings are fit into 2 days at a Wabel Summit. You don’t have to spend any time or effort on prospecting and you can get right into negotiation. On top of it all, Wabel connects suppliers to retailers who have already entered a purchase request for their product type. For this reason, almost 50% of all meetings result in direct business.
Now isn’t this a better way to use your time?
If you would like to save 80% of your time on prospecting, discover our upcoming summits.

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