NOUS anti-gaspi Sourcing Day

Nous Anti-Gaspi, a leading French retailer dedicated to the fight against food waste, growing from 6 to 30 stores in 4 years, is rapidly expanding its business and seeking new suppliers to expand its private label product portfolio. Their PL are not only distributed in their own stores but also in leading retailers willing to fight against food waste.

In collaboration with the Needl B2B sourcing platform, Nous Anti-Gaspi organized a one-hour webinar on November 8th 2023 at 15:00 which gave suppliers the opportunity to get to know the brand and its sourcing objectives better and to interact with its managers (Charles Lottmann, co-founder of Nous Anti-Gaspi).

Don’t miss the chance to meet NOUS anti-gaspi and more Western European buyers at our summits.

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