Euromonitor’s Exclusive Insights on the Beauty Industry

Wabel and Euromonitor International have teamed up to bring you the latest beauty industry insights to help you better drive your business and stay ahead of the curve!

As part of our recent Wabel Home, Beauty and Personal Care Summit, we had the great pleasure of welcoming Mylan Prime, Health & Beauty Consultant at Euromonitor as our speaker at the Beauty in recovery conference!

Mylan Prime
Health & Beauty Consultant at Euromonitor International


Beauty in Recovery: Rebound Amid Market Volatility

The recovery that the Beauty and Personal Care industry anticipated after a challenging 2020 was reflected in a solid rebound in 2021, led by skin care while colour cosmetics and fragrances regained momentum.

Mylan Prime provided an overview of the trends and key  shaping the beauty industry globally and discussed the main opportunities and challenges for market players, especially for private labels, in 2022 and beyond!

About the speaker:

Mylan Prime is a Consultant at Euromonitor International. In her current position, Mylan contributes to the content and quality of Euromonitor International’s research, primarily focusing on the beauty and personal care industry, monitoring industry trends and forecasts and providing key insights through analysis into the beauty industry.

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