Euromonitor Shares Concrete Insights on FMCG Trends at Upcoming Wabel Summits

Wabel and Euromonitor International came together to provide the latest insights to better help you power your business! Ranging from skincare sales to the rise of plant-based eating, we have the information you need to stay up to date on Fast Moving Consumer Goods trends.
For the Wabel Beauty and Home Care Summit, Euromonitor held their first conference on Beauty and Personal Care in Europe. They will be participating at the upcoming Sweet and Confectionery Summit and Wine & Spirits Summit in November to discuss the trends in the FMCG industry.
“Skinimalism” is the Hottest Category in Beauty
According to Euromonitor, skin care will steal the brightest spot of the global beauty industry, with an estimated 181 billion USD in sales by 2025. Consumers are increasingly interested in transparency and simplified brand messaging. “Skinimalism” or “skin minimalism” defines the process of keeping only essential skin care products and not caking on different moisturizers, serums and make up. Euromonitor’s article and related webinar, delves deeper into the industry’s future outlook, exploring the key themes that will shape the beauty sector in the coming years including the rise of ‘Skinimalism’ in the form of simplified brand messaging, formulations and routines.
Rise of Plant-Based Eating and Alternative Proteins: Understand the Growth Trends
23% of consumers globally are trying to limit their meat intake, typically as a result of health, sustainability, and animal welfare concerns. The Euromonitor webinar takes a closer look at trends influencing plant-based consumers in order to understand why shoppers are moving to flexitarian or plant-based diets. They compare the growth of global meat substitutes in comparison to dairy substitutes, and explores innovations in meat, dairy and seafood alternative products
Where Does the Alcoholic Drinks Industry Stand? The Future of Low and No Alcoholic Trends
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the alcoholic beverage industry faced massive shifts, while non alcoholic spirits rose about 7 to 8 percent globally. According to the Head of Alcoholic Drinks research at Euromonitor International, the low and no alcoholic drinks category has to expand in new directions to differentiate, innovate with new products to keep the consumers coming back for more.
Euromonitor International, the world’s leading provider of global business intelligence and market research data, held three talks during the latest Wabel Online Summits. Discover more exclusive insights on their blog.
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