We accelerate
sourcing and selling for private label players.

A great opportunity to…
1SEARCHAnd identify qualified suppliers and buyers.
2 CONNECTOnline through our Wabel platform.
3 MEET Partners in private at our Wabel Summits.
4 FOLLOW-UPEnjoy all year support from Wabel consultants.
We’re a dynamic, multi-lingual team.
And we're here to make your life easier.

Pierre Asseo

Co-Founder and CEO

Pierre is in charge of our vision, guiding our strategy and overseeing data management.

Antoine Bonnel

Co-founder and Managing Director

Antoine drives all of our SUMMITS and PR, and takes good care of the retailers.

Aurélien Van Berten

Co-founder and COO

Aurelien is the motor behind wabel.com, keeping all projects on track. He also heads up HR, as well as looking after the retailers.

Aurélie De Sousa

Category Manager - Grocery & Frozen

Aurelie is dedicated to working closely with the best suppliers, and takes care of all categories, with a focus on FROZEN and GROCERY.

Sandra Nguyen

Category Manager - Grocery & Frozen

Efficient and meticulous, Sandra devotes her time to working hand in hand with the best suppliers, looking after all categories, focused on FROZEN and GROCERY.

Youssef Mouline

Category Manager - Grocery & Chilled

Youssef identifies, analyzes and determines the right food suppliers matching retailers' projects in terms of products, logistics and certifications.

Salma Bakhkhar

Category Manager - HPC, Frozen & Chilled

Salma detects innovations and high-potential products and guides Frozen food and HPC suppliers to boost their export.

Thomas Marnat

Business Development Manager

By combining pragmatism and good sense of humor, Thomas knows how to take care of suppliers and match them with the right buyers.

Thierry Pedone

Category Manager - Drinks

Thierry is our beverages specialist with a background in wine and data analysis.

Jolien Vervoort

Category Manager - Drinks & Chilled

Jolien is a curious person who's goal is to find the latest innovations, link the right suppliers with the right buyers, and gain business to both parties.

Emanuela Treneva

Category Manager - Beauty & Personal Care

Emanuela brings her 15 years experience in the cosmetic industry and provides high-end customer service to all members.

Joanna Plata

Category Manager - Frozen & Chilled

Coming from a family of meat producers in Poland, Joanna has a lot of industry knowledge and holds all of her suppliers dear to her heart.

Sakina Chodkiewiez

Category Manager - HPC & Chilled

With her warm and very humane approach, Sakina takes outstanding care of the suppliers... and the planet.

Labanya Lahiri

Customer Success Manager

Labanya is in charge of client solution and helps Wabel Members write their success stories.

Tatiana Mala

Sourcing Manager

Tatiana is the point-of-contact for buyers. She manages sourcing requests from beginning to end.

Lylia Bekkar

Project Manager

The hub of Wabel, Lylia keeps everything running smoothly, from admin to overseeing Summits’ organization.

Mohamed Kabakibi

Marketing Manager

The messenger of Wabel, Mohamed defines and implements Wabel's marketing and communication strategy.

Shan Gao

China Sales Consultant

Shan accompanies your export to China in the most practical way with her 12 years experience and strong communication skills.

David Negrier

Chief Project Manager

In PHP, David is known as The One. He oversees our web development.

Raphaël Bergina

Lead Developer

As wise as Yoda, meticulous and pragmatic, Raphaël keeps the Wabel machine running.

Michael Wizman


Michael develops wabel.com and loves precise spec sheets.

Max Prudhomme

Web Developer

Max is passionate and polyvalent in web development. He is a real asset to Wabel.

Amaury Hoymans

Product Owner

Amaury is Mr. Dashboard! He handles the company’s Big Data to enhance Wabel’s internal processes.