China Live Presentation with Bonnie&Clyde – Beauty & Personal Care

Bonnie&Clyde is China’s leading new luxury beauty gifting platform. BC was established in 2019 and has grown from 0-100+mil in one year.
With over 2500+ super luxury micro-community leaders generating highly targeted creative content, and proprietary order and AI profit-sharing technology to identify and drive high-value conversion.
BC can work with domestic and cross-border brands to create a unique consumer experience both online and offline.

The speaker: William Lau, CEO of Bonnie&Clyde
William Lau has over 15 years of experience in brand strategy and entrepreneurship, working with fashion, beauty startups and fortune 500 companies. William started his entrepreneurial career early on with his own creative brand agency, supporting clients such as GQ, Lululemon, Pepsi, and DreamWorks.


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