How HTC Health found and retained customers to increase sales by 33%

HTC Health

Health supplements, vitamins, and nutritious products.


The Company

Since 2005, HTC Health has been a leading European supplier of bulk health supplements, vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition, gummies and empty capsules for private label. Known for their consistency of excellent quality products, flexibility, and customer service, HTC supplies for a wide range of customers including major retail chains, pharmacies, fitness chains, individual online sellers and independent brand owners.

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The Challenge

HTC had great aspirations for 2018/2019. Over the year, they set out to significantly increase their overall sales and broaden their international expansion in Europe, all while maintaining their high level of customer service and widening their range of quality products.

HTC implemented two main strategies to accomplish their goals, one to get in contact with their ideal customers and the other to increase customer retention.

“Getting in contact with European companies can be difficult. Buyers often change, and we end up having to have the same conversation with multiple people within the same company before a decision can be made. On top of that, it’s a crowded marketplace. Some companies are eager to compete on price and end up compromising quality.”

Cressida Cable, HTC Head of Sales

Strategies Put in Place


HTC Health invested in attending Wabel Home, Beauty & Personal Care Summit to get in contact with targeted buyers that were already looking for their product lines.


They took the decision to never bend to the competition and compromise on quality. This way, they could ensure long term success with their customers.

Flexibilty & Customer Service

They increased flexibility by offering low minimum order quantities to take away risk from buyers. They also readily stock their popular lines to be able to deliver them within 24 hours.

Innovation & Upsell

HTC Health is always staying on top of industry trends and their product innovation to be able to assist their customers in range development. This year, the gummy format was particularly successful.

“At the Wabel Summit, we met some exciting retailers from other European countries. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with some of our existing clients to discuss future opportunities in their range development and meet their foreign counterparts.”

Marta Kolodziejska, HTC Marketing Manager

How Wabel Helped

Wabel offers a wide range of sales and marketing solutions to help suppliers partner with qualified retailers. HTC Health came to Wabel with the hopes to meet and sign deals with retailers in Europe.

At the Home, Beauty & Personal Care Summit, Wabel organized HTC 21 different private B2B meetings with European buyers. These meetings were highly effective for HTC since Wabel selected buyers had already expressed a need for HTC’s product lines. The buyers’ retail types were also ensured to be HTC’s target, and included supermarkets, specialty stores, and pharmacies. At the event, HTC also exchanged their contact information with many of the other 100+ attending buyers, which has lead to countless opportunities.

Wabel continues to bring opportunities to HTC Health all throughout the year with the Wabel Online Platform. Over 6,500 qualified buyers use the platform each year to find suppliers and future partners.

“The personal meetings made by Wabel organizers were so great as they knew exactly which people/companies could benefit most from having a conversation with us. The Wabel Summit opened up a wide sphere of possibilities and projects. Additionally, I must say that the logistic support from the organisers was great, making the whole process of exhibiting for the first time that bit easier.”

Marta Kolodziejska, HTC Marketing Manager

Results & Future Plans

After putting these strategies in place, the financial year 2018/2019 was a record year for HTC in terms of turnover. They reached over £18 million transactions, which was a 33% growth from the preceding year.

HTC Health was able to increase international sales with 10% of total turnover coming from abroad and next year it is expected to raise to 25%.

HTC continues their quest for quality and customer satisfaction, and they will again be attending this year’s Wabel Home, Beauty & Personal Care Summit.

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Wabel allows suppliers to identify qualified buyers, connect with them through the Wabel platform, and meet them in private at the Wabel Summits. The Wabel Home, Beauty & Personal Care Summit is coming up in Paris on October 16th & 17th, 2019.