How Gota redefined their branding to raise wine sales by 50%




The Company

Gota means drop in Portuguese

Gota’s promise is that the most exquisite grapes, flavors and tradition of Portugal are in every drop of their wine. Located in Porto, Gota gathers the best treasures across the country and makes them available to the world. With each vineyard hand selected from the richest areas in Portugal, Gota offers their expertise and passion for traditional flavors and presents them in a modern way. Learn more about Gota here.

The Challenge

With high hopes and dreams, Natalie Jessa, the Founder of Gota, began selling her savoury wine in 2010. Not too long after, they won over a large international retailer as their first customer, Tesco. Natalie was thrilled. However, her main goal was to build resonating brand recognition, and Natalie believed that Horeca Channels (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés) were the best ways to do so.

After a few years, Gota was selling in 30 countries with 80% of their customers being Horeca and 20%, large supermarket chains, which were bringing in big revenue. Then one day, one of their most significant customers gave them a game-changing ultimatum, either Gota changes the visuals on their bottles or they quit buying Gota all together.

Natalie had a new mission – to find new label designs that were not only good enough to keep their customer but were stunning enough to amaze them.

The Design Transformation

Natalie knew she needed bottle designs that would stick out and would be as unique and impressive as the wine itself. According to market studies, the front and back labels of the wine bottle are the most effective ways to influence consumer choice.

After searching through the best designers, Natalie came across a Chilean artist, and Natalie knew she was the one. In 2019, Gota came out with two new brand designs for their bottles that were unique, intriguing & full of personality:

Vintage Fruit Design

“I wanted the design to display the flavor of what is inside. In this case, we chose a fruit flower design to display the soft touch of fruits that come out in this smooth wine,” explained Natalie.

The Circus Design

“For these wines, we wanted to display the more unique, daring flavors of the wines, and the vintage style gives the impression of the aged wine.”

Re-thinking the User Experience

Along with this design change, Natalie began to think about what consumers want when they purchase wine. Many consumers love the experience of drinking wine, but can’t distinguish a Portuguese from any other. Gota took this as an opportunity to enlighten their public about Portuguese wine.

“Consumers love hearing about the storytelling behind our wine. They want to know what to expect when drinking Gota wine so we are sure to inform them on aromas and good food-pairings,” explained Natalie. On the back of each bottle, Gota provides the following information: grape percentage, soil, climate, vinification, maturation, description and food pairings.

Results & Future Plans

Gota’s hard work paid off in more ways than one. They were able to keep their customer, and other retailers started getting hooked on Gota’s new designs. The moment that they changed their labels, their year-over-year sales instantly tripled. This year, their sales continued to increase 50%. Natalie explained that “it’s just easier to find customers since we have such appealing designs.”

Gota Wine is continually taking opportunities to share their exquisite portuguese wine with the world. In doing so, Gota attended Wabel Drinks, Wine & Spirits summit to meet one-on-one with international wine buyers. During the summit, Gota met with 12 different buyers.

“Wabel was a great opportunity to easily meet with buyers. The 30-minute meetings allowed us to set relational foundations to speed up the selling process.”

Natalie Jessa, Founder of Gota

If you would like to meet buyers at Wabel Drink Brands Summit, click here for more information.