How DJ&A Met Targeted Retailers in 2 days


Dried vegetables and fruits


The Company

Based in Australia, DJ&A is the manufacturer, packer, exporter and wholesaler of high quality dried vegetables and fruits. These deliciously flavored snacks are 100% natural and healthy with no artificial additives, trans fats, or GMOs. DJ&A has experienced constant exponential growth since their launch in 2011, and now offer over 100 products in more than 20 countries.

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The Challenge

In 2019, DJ&A’s goal was to continue their expansion and start distributing in new European markets. They were specifically looking to do business with supermarkets and concept stores that would be interested in their premium snacks. However, being located in Australia made it challenging for DJ&A to meet buyers in Europe, and since retailers often change out their buyers, building relationships became a time-consuming task.

The Strategy

DJ&A identified several strategies to overcome these challenges and get exposure in front of the right customers in Europe. One key decision DJ&A made was to partner with Wabel, a company that puts suppliers in contact with head buyers of retail groups. Together, DJ&A and Wabel came up with the following plan:

1. Identify target prospects

Wabel took on the responsibility of finding ideal retailers for DJ&A. Out of the hundreds of buyers in the Wabel community, Wabel was able to narrow down the best-fit groups for DJ&A based on their needs. They ended up identifying 22 retailers, which included retailers in the target locations and retailers that had already expressed interest in premium, healthy snacks.

2. Set up a meeting with the decision-maker

Next, Wabel arranged times for DJ&A to meet with the head buyers and decision-makers of these key retailers. Wabel was able to schedule meetings with all of their 22 targeted groups within 2 days at the upcoming Wabel Grocery Summit. Weeks in advance, DJ&A was notified about which retailers they were matched with so they could prepare a pitch and offer for each buyer.

3. Meet buyers face-to-face

At the Wabel Grocery Summit, DJ&A met individually with each of their target retailers including Franprix, HEB, Circle K, Lulu Group, Bidfood and many others. The 1-on-1 meetings were 30-minutes each, allowing buyers to try the dried veggie snacks for themselves and discuss the terms of a potential partnership. Outside of their B2B meetings, DJ&A was able to display their products to all the other attending grocery buyers.

Results & Future Plans

DJ&A is seeing positive results from the Summit. The 30-minute meetings gave them solid relational foundations with their prospects, which made it easier to continue contact in the following weeks. They also continue getting exposure all year around from the 1,000+ buyers on the Wabel platform.

« The buyers are the best people to judge which of our products would work best in Europe. Wabel’s vetting and meeting process was the best facilitation method for this. »

David Isaac, DJ&A Director & Owner

Over the next year, DJ&A plans to continue towards their goal of being a worldwide leader in the innovation of healthy snacking. If you are a buyer interested in DJ&A’s products, contact us for more information.

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