A discussion with Costco France

Costco Wholesale


Wholesale chain

Costco France is part of the US wholesale chain Costco. The company launched its first store in France in 2017.
The company offers 3800+ references, including 200 organic references.

Costco’s private labels account for 22% of the company’s turnover in France. Around 310 employees are working for the company in the country.

We had a great discussion with the Assistant Buyer in the Health & Beauty Category of Costco France, Anaelle Kashani, who participated in Wabel Online UP Beauty Summit 2020.

Why did you turn to Wabel this year?

We found Wabel’s concept very interesting. With shows cancelation and travel restrictions due to Covid19, it’s a great way to discover and initiate contacts with new suppliers online.

I must say that Wabel was a great solution for us to make new contacts and talk to new suppliers this year.

How did you like the online format of the meetings?

It was excellent and very well organized!

The Summit interface is very user friendly and very easy to understand.
Video meetings with suppliers had super good quality.

We really appreciated the Wabel team’s support as well!

How did you like your agenda and the suppliers you spoke to?

Yes, it was perfect! Wabel organized very good meetings for us and prepared a tailor-made agenda with suppliers matching our needs.

It was exciting because I could meet different suppliers, some new ones or unknown yet but all were very interesting for us.

If you could describe your experience in Wabel with one word, what would you say?

If I could describe Wabel by using one word: easy! Easy to be connected to the right people and make new partnerships.

More information about Costco France HERE