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      Mayeri Industries
      Mayeri Industries
      Category: Homecare, Floor surface cleaner, Hand dishwash, Machine dishwash, Metal cleaners, Laundry stain remover, Laundry rinse conditioners, Laundry main wash products, Personal care, Shower products, Household cleaners, Dishwash, Laundry care, Skincare

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      Windshield washer fluids (pouches and cans). Innovation: Water repellent windshield washer fluid Read more from the attached fileTrigger car care products (tar remover, engine cleaner, microemulsion, wheen rim cleaning agent, car polishing agent, salon cleaners etc)Car shampoos (wax shapoos and ...

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      Packaging Innovation: 2-function triggers, possibility to spray foam and liquidGlass cleaners (also With EU Ecolabel)Multi purpose cleaner (with EU Ecolabel)Universal cleaner conc (with EU Ecolabel)Kitchen and grill cleanersBathroom cleanersScouring powder sachetsAnti Calc / Limeschale remover ...

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