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      Tatrachema Vd Trnava
      Tatrachema Vd Trnava
      Category: Homecare, Toilet cleaning, Generic cleaning products, Laundry rinse conditioners, Personal care, Hair care, Shampoos, Household cleaners, Laundry care

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      Types of Products available:1. Diava Greentea&organe-: Liquid cleaning disinfectant agent for sanitary facilities. cleans hardly accessible spots, dissolves sediments of urinal and water stone, dissolves sediments of urinal and water stone, disinfects and deodorizes.2. Diava Flower-: ...

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      Types of Products available:1. Sifo-: Siphon cleaning agent. Designet for cleaning of siphons, outlets, washbasins, baths, toilets and sinks. Dissolves kitchen waste, gear deposits and hair in siphon2. Citra - Powder cleaning agent for dishes, baths, washbasins, sanitary facilities, for water. Pipe...

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