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    Ecowipes Sp. Z O.O.
    Ecowipes Sp. Z O.O.
    Category: Homecare, Personal care

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    Innovative, made of 100% cotton ,universal cotton clothes are dedicated to maintenance of cleanliness in your environment.Necessary for cleaning and polishing glass, metal and plastic, ceramic, leather and wooden surfaces. They are ideal for cleaning dust, flowers, glasses, windows, shoes and ...

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    Types Of Products : 1. Basia Broom2. Bavorita Kornelia Broom3. Ellis Broom4. Ekonex Broom Popular5. Ekonex Ivo Broom6. Ekonex Nova Broom7. Elena Broom

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    Types of Product Available : 1. Econex Dust Pan And Brush2. Clip-On Dust Pan Optima3. Lux Dustpan With Rubber + Brush4. Dust Pan Brush Long5. Brush Ellis6. Brush Optima

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