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        Jowa Ag
        Jowa Ag
        Category: Frozen food, Chilled and fresh food

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        Jowa Pastries-:Our selection of light and tasty pastries will bring plenty of life into your kitchen. Our choice embraces tried and trusted delicacies as well as new ones too.

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        Jowa Pastas-:We offer a wide range of pastas with around three dozen forms of traditional tagliatelle and spaghetti as well as spiral noodles and rigatoni.One of our own creations with considerable potential are homemade pastas. These are rolled and seasoned noodles made according to an old ...

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        Veggie Day
        Veggie Day
        Category: Frozen food, Frozen vegetables, Chilled and fresh food, Frozen Fruits & vegetables, Fresh Ready Meals, Vegetarian Ready Meals
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