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      Josefa Manufacturing Ltd
      Josefa Manufacturing Ltd
      Category: Chilled and fresh food, Chilled Rte deli, Fresh packaged rte, Fresh soups & sauces, Fresh Ready Meals

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      Josefa basil Pesto is a fresh and aromatic sauce made of scented Maltese basil, nuts cheese, olive oil and garlic. Josefa basil Pesto makes a perfect sauce with pasta cooked al dente. It can be served also as an accompaniment with fish sauces, pizza toppings and canap├ęs.Basic Method Of ...

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      Tuna Dip is a delicious summer dip full of taste and fragnant with aroma. It is tangy and light with Tuna being the star performer. It is ideally served with fresh, crunchy veggies, lemon wedges and crackers. Can be used as a sandwich spread.