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        Selected Foods Eu Sp Zoo
        Selected Foods Eu Sp Zoo
        Category: Savory Grocery, Frozen food, Frozen fish, Frozen sea-food, Frozen vegetables, Frozen potatoes, Frozen Fish & seafood, Frozen Fruits & vegetables, Frozen Potatoes, Added value Seafood, Frozen Fruits, Canned Fish

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        Breaded shrimpsNet Weight: 22g EachRaw Meterial: 50% Marine White Shrimp(Shellless, Headless, Cleaned), 50% BreadedSize: 20/40, 40/60, 60/80

        Superdrob S.A.
        Superdrob S.A.
        Category: Frozen food, Frozen meat & poultry, Frozen Meat

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        A fully-cooked product made of chicken meat mix. shaped, coated, fried, roasted and individually quick frozen. The surface is covered with a tightly adhering coating ranging from beige to golden brown. The coulour of the meat on cross-section is light beige. The flavour and aroma are characteristic ...