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        De Ijshoeve B.V.
        De Ijshoeve B.V.
        Category: Frozen food, To be shared ice creams, Dairy products, Ice cream

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        Happy mrs. Jersey - Luv Yo Honey-Organic yoghurt ice cream using full-cream milk (from Jersey cows) with honey and caramelised pecan nuts. -Crème glacée au yaourt biologique à base de lait entier (produit par des vaches Jersiaises) avec miel et noix de pécan caramélisées.-Biologisches ...

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        Goats Goodness Vanille Gelato -  Organic goat's milk ice creamWith the fresh organic goatmilk, egg and sugar cane we make a delicious custard base for this Vanilla gelato. We have selected the best organic Vanilla of Madagascar and this in combination with the custard long riping to an ...

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        Category: Frozen food, Frozen Starters, Frozen vegetables, Frozen Starter, Frozen Fruits & vegetables, Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Pasta based dishes, Frozen Rice based dishes, Frozen Finger Food

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         Spanish vegetable mix for summer dishesCauliflower florets, carrots, green beans and peas