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The only but truly frenchy Quiche Lorraine !Marie Surgelés is cooking this traditional recipe, with simple but selected ingredients. Shortcrust pastry dough, but also recently puff pastry dough can be available at your request.We will be pleased to share this french pleasure with your customers, so...

The Food Factory
The Food Factory
Category: Savory Grocery, Frozen food

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Mini pies made of dough filled with a number of different fillings.  All fillings may be adjusted to satisfy client requirements but we are proposing three different types of fillings:  cheese (ricotta cheese), pea mash and spinach.  Besides mini size, the pies can come in different sizes.

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We offer a wide variety of pies in different sizes ranging from mini pies to family size (1 kg) pies.  Fillings can be customised to any culture and client request.