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    Comptoirs Et Compagnies
    Comptoirs Et Compagnies
    Category: Savory Grocery, Cooking ingredients, Salt & pepper, Sweet Grocery, Flour, Sweeteners and sugar surrogates, Confectionary specialities, Chilled and fresh food, Dried fruit food, Personal care, Hair care, Hair colourants, Sugar and Home Baking, Chocolate & Sweets, Fruits & vegetables

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    Our coconut flour is produced from coconut flesh, collected fresh, coming from a fair trade supply chain and organic plantations. Their flesh is pressed to extract oil, dried and then ground into fine powder.Our coconut flour is a 100% natural food, containing many nutritional qualities:• ...

    C.W. Tropicai Gmbh Coconut Delicacies
    C.W. Tropicai Gmbh Coconut Delicacies
    Category: Savory Grocery, Sweet Grocery, Chilled and fresh food

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    Tropicai Coconut Flour - gluten-free, aromatic and high in dietary fibre Our Coconut flour is made from fresh white coconut meat. After being gently and defatted, the meat is ground into a fine flour. It is characterized by an intensive taste and its natural sweetness. Its delicious coconut aroma ...