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      Buying Offices: Cencosud Colombia

      Cencosud is a retailer which has been established in the early 70’s and is headquartered in Las Condes, Chile. It is one of the biggest retail company in Chile and the 3rd largest in Latin America. The firm is active in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Peru hence encompassing ...

      Buying Offices: Tottus Peru

      Falabella is a retail group which has been established in the year 1889 by Salvatore Falabella. The headquarters is based in Santiago, Chile. The firm operates in the following countries: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay. Falabella Retail is a chain of stores operating Chile, ...

      High protein and no sugar added snacks

      Casino is a multi-format, multi-banner and multi-channel French retailer occupying the 4th place in French market and the 20th worldwide. The group is responsible for 12,960 outlets worldwide and is present in 7 countries:EuropeAsiaSouth AmericaIndian OceanThe company focusses on fast-growing ...

      Jeronimo Martins was founded in 1792 in Portugal. Nowadays, the company operates several retail businesses in Portugal, Poland as well as Columbia. Jeronimo Martins achieved a turnover of €17337 million in 2018 and 95% of the company’s sales come from from the food distribution sector. The firm...