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      Backed by the success of the largest shopping center in Algiers, Ardis plans to open five new centers in Oran, Biskra, Tizi-Ouzou, Ouargla and Annaba shortly.On a medium term, the strategy aims to settle Ardis in all agglomerations over 50 000 citizens, with a vision of a shopping center including a...

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      Numidis is the subsidiary of Cevital group. Popularly known by the brand UNO, Numidis is based in Alger and operates in the mass distribution sector. The company has developed its network through chain of stores. Those stores are of different formats ;hypermarketssupermarketsconvenience storesThe ...

      Based in France, Carrefour is a French retailer, having 21% of the market share and more than 11,910 hypermarkets, supermarkets and even convenience stores in 30 countries.Being the 2nd worldwide largest retailer, the group serves 12,5 million customers daily in 3 continents: Asia, Europe, Latin ...