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        Buying Offices: Mediterranea Spain

        Mediterranea is a Spanish company providing food & support services.Its clients includes:HealthcarePublic SectorSeniorsCorporateEducationRemote SitesWith a presence of more than 30 years on the market, the company combines technologies and support services to be the ideal partner to various ...

        Buying Offices: Buffalo Grill France

        Headquartered in Montrouge, France, Buffalo Grill is a food service with 44% market share in the grilled/ meat segment. Buffalo Grill serves 31 million meals yearly.The company has operations in various countries such as:France (351 restaurants),Spain (6 restaurants),Luxembourg (2 ...

        Buying Offices: Kfc France, Pizza Hut France

        Based in Louisville Yum! Brands Inc owns 43500 restaurants worldwide. In fact, the company inaugurates an average of 6 new restaurants daily. Present in 135 countries the group owns famous worldwide brands such as:KFCPizza HatTaco BellSince 1997 the group joint ventured with PepsiCo, hence ...

        Buying Offices: Comess Group Spain

        Comess Group is a food service which has been established in the year 1988 and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. The firm has a worldwide presence with around 350 establishments. Comess Group attracts 18 million customers in its outlets each year.The company operates various restaurants under the ...