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      Etqa is a wholesaler which has been established in the year 2008 and is headquartered in Stochowa, Poland. The firm provides its services in the HoReCa sector.The wholesaler provides a wide assortment of goods which can be categorized for instance as:Dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt, etc…)Sweet ...

      Flams is a food service having restaurant chains spread across France. Founded in 1989, the food service is well known for its Flammekueche, which consists of a blazed tarte and is also a local specialty from Bas-rhin. In fact, Flam’s is among the first food service to provide Flammekueche through...

      Foodcase International is an innovative food solutions provider in Wageningen, Netherlands, which specialises in developing innovative food solutions for its clients operating in the travel, remote food service and health care sectors.The company was founded in 2011 and is presently working with a ...