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      Dovre is a family owned import business based in Richmond in Canada. The company started as a Norwegian food supplier and today is one of the leading food supplier with regards to specialty food. The firm also supplies premium restaurants supplying various specialty stores and grocery shops. The ...

      Arterra Wines formerly known as Constellations Brands and Vincor Canada, is an importer which has been established in the year 1874 by Thomas G.Bright and Francis A.Shirriff.The headquarters is based Mississauga, Canada. Arterra has more than 140 years of experience in the Canadian Wine industry, ...

      CTS is a major player in the distribution field in Canada. The company is focussed on supplying independent supermarkets in Quebec and Ontario. Their products assortment consist of the following categories:Savory groceryChilled and freshFrozenSweet groceryIndeed, the different products involves ...