Wabel confirms its 2020 second semester online one-to-one FMCG buyers and sellers meetings roadmap

For 8 years now, Wabel has been facilitating FMCG buyer and supplier relationships by combining digital technology and physical face to face events.
Now that face to face events cannot take place, Wabel have prioritised the development of online events for 2020 and have added more video conferencing capabilities to their digital platform.

All our online Summit events in Food, Drinks, Wine & Spirits, Beauty, Personal Care and Home Care both in Brands and Private Label will be going ahead this autumn. Despite of the postponement of major food and beauty trade shows, buyers and suppliers can leverage on Wabel online technologies, curation and human touch to meet and do business. 

Buyer and supplier B2B Smart Meetings™ are arranged using Wabel’s Tango Matching Engine, a matchmaking technology taking into account both buyer and supplier preferences to maximize chances of successful business cooperation.

The first online business meetings we organised demonstrated that people do not have to meet face to face to place orders.

On branded products, when the first online meeting generates interest on both sides, samples can be sent, prices agreed and we’ve seen that buyers will place orders.

On private label, process is a little different, but the beauty of these 20-minute online meetings is that large retailers can bring not only buyers but also product, marketing and quality executives. On the other side, suppliers can bring representatives from the R&D and quality departments alongside the sales team.
Wabel online summits are accelerating the whole decision-making process compared to the traditional physical approach.

More than 300 suppliers and 350 buyers from the largest retail chains, as well as distributors and importers, have already committed to our program of Summits this autumn and many more look set to join.

The autumn 2020 Summit Schedule is as follows:

Frozen Sweet and Savoury Summit – Focus Private Label & Brands – on the 21st & 22nd
Dairy Summit – Focus Private Label & Brands – on the 21st & 22nd
Food Brands Summit – Focus Brands – on the 23rd & 24th
Drinks Brands Summit – Focus Brands – on the 24th & 25th


Pack For Change Summit – Focus Sustainable Packaging – on the 21st & 22nd
UP Beauty Summit – Focus Brands – on the 26th & 27th
Beauty & Personal Care Summit – Focus Private Label – on the 28th & 29th
Home Care Summit – Focus Private Label – on the 28th & 29th


Grocery SavourySweet & Confectionery Summit – Focus Private Label – on the 3rd & 4th
Wine & Spirits Summit on the 5th & 6th
Drinks Off-Trade on the 5th & 6th

In 2021, we are planning to schedule online, offline and hybrid events.

About Wabel

Wabel is a combination of the traditional proven model of B2B convention and a disruptive technology driven approach, based on data and one of a kind algorithm, offering the ultimate B2B matchmaking possibilities. Wabel is the most complete solution to create profitable business for both suppliers and buyers. In this approach, human touch, curation and data are the key to Wabel success to create meaningful business meetings christened ‘B2B Smart Meetings™’. We put these matchmaking capacities at the service of our principal mission: being at the heart of the FMCG industry transformation worldwide by putting forward the best players driving the market towards better health, sustainability, organic, vegan, low waste.