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Subtle, mouth-watering, amazing

The Katsaros family has imbued its exquisite line of drinks with the know-how of four generations, developing flavors that refresh your palate and reward you with a balanced drink.

BANANA: With its liquid gold color and round, velvety taste, KATSAROS Banana drink is the perfect accompaniment to rum and gives a tropical aroma to any spirit.

COCO: Exotically sweet and delightfully intense, the flavor of Coconut drink will transport you to a sunny beach setting and complement your pina-coladas and creamy drinks.

MASTIHA: Seasoned with mastic oil, Mastiha drink is the absolute Greek experience with its unique flavor that can elevate any gin cocktail

MELON: Infused with the mellow taste and fragrance of melon, KATSAROS Melon drink can complement your cocktails, elevating both rum and gin.

WATERMELON: The ultimate summer fruit in Watermelon Drink rewards us with a burst of flavor full of sweet tones that can be used to create the most intricate of cocktails.

STRAWBERRY: Strawberry Drink captures the natural, luscious sweetness of wild strawberries. This Strawberry drink is like having summer in your glass and features mostly in strawberry versions of Margarita, Martini and Daiquiri drinks. 

4 FRUITS: When peach, melon, kiwi and tangerine come together, the aroma of nature comes full swing. The perfectly blended fruit tastes of  4 Fruits Drink can make each drink a sweet experience. 

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