Organic Raspberry Jam

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These jams represent a unique range of jams, which were designed specially to bring the most powerful emotions while tasting them. It took us quite a while to develope such a range, which would bring perfectly combinated tastes, which you will never find among pther manufacturers. It is also true that many of the berries used in production are quite unique, and cultivated on our own organic farming lands.


The unique feature about our jams is that when tasting them, you will never know the difference if you are eating a jam, or fresh berries, some time you would wonder, how jam can taste even more coulorfull then fresh berry.

Jams are manufactured accordin to a unique technology. These technology is brought from the juice manufacturing techniques, and is very rarely used in Jams production. Our Jams are manufactured from whole fruits and directly cold pressed juice of berries. They contain honey as a natural sweetener. 

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