Organic Strawberry beverage with CHIA seeds

Beverages with CHIA a special election for those who purue healthy life style. CHIA seeds in combination with our fantastic juices bring a whole pack of vitamins and bio active substances. CHIA seeds are well known for their healing properties, they come with a lot of Omega6 and Omega 12. It is also important to know that they are indespensable for those willing to loose their weight, cause consuming one bottle of CHIA drink, substitutes a lunch, bringing a lot of vital elements without having to eat a lot of carbs. 

The selection of Beverages with CHIA seeds possess a truly unique and exquisite taste, not only due to the special technology of manufcature that we use, not only to the directly called pressed juice of fresh berries that we process immediately after the harvest on our own organic farming lands, but also due to the very special combination of berry juices and chia flavors. When creating a selection of CHIA drinks, we took 2 years of research to develop such tastes, which would satisfy the most of your taste zones on the tungue, thus bringing you the maximum satisfaction, and making you want to never stop quenching. 

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