Organic Berry Purees with Honey

This is a range of internationally patented berry purees with honey, which are manufactured according to a unique technology. These purees s are made from the directly cold pressed juice of organic berries which we grow on our own organic farming lands. The final product is not heat treated, pasteurised or sterilised. This is a raw puree with the shelf life of 2 years. This fact makes the product unique by itself. More over, this range of purees offers a taste and organoleptics, which non of other manufacturers can match. Not taking into account the pack of bio active substances and vitamines these purees hold, 


Berry purées and juices with honey are
unique products.Manufactured according to a patented technology, which
allows us to produce completely natural food products.Berry Purées with
honey consist of only two ingredients:Purée of fresh berries and
honey.No artificial ingredients are used in production as well as no
thermal processing of berries & honey being applied.Fresh berries are
sorted, washed and blended with honey immediately after
harvesting.After blending, the final product is fast frozen. This
allows us to preserve the top quality of fresh berries in the final
product.Berry Purées with honey can be used as dessert, jam, jelly;
they also can be used as an addition to ice cream,or as a base for
preparing cocktails. 

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