VEGAN RAVIOLI stuffed with Chicca di Riso and Zucchini

Vegan Ravioli Stuffed with Chicca di Riso and Zucchini

It won't take long that the taste of Verys ravioli and agnolotti will conquer your mouth for the quality of the flours chosen and the stuffing inside that characterize our entreé line. The light touch and the eggs-free pasta is delicate and decise thanks to the great attention we have on durum selection. We kneaded Senatore Cappelli's semolina and water only for the best nutritional profile. In the Tofu and Spinach recipe a spelt grain is used to make the dough.

The stuffing cheese is made of our vegan cheese from whole biologic germinated rice, as well as the Tofu which is from OGM-FREE 

100% italian soy. Seitan and Seasonal Vegetables are italian 100% BIO certified.

Our recipe for the stuffed Ravioli is with pan-fried zucchini and Vegan Chicca di Riso our soft vegan alternative to cheese.

Pasta is totally egg-free, made according to traditional method which maintain the taste where the zucchini stuffing is 100% italian origin.

Cook it in few minutes and try the special "Senatore Cappelli" durum semolina! It holds the cooking maintaining the texture.

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