Organic Champignons, marinated, whole

Organic Champignons, marinated, whole

Organic champignons are hand-picked, carefully selected and processed in the nearby factory. Marinated or in brine champignons are ready to eat as a snack. Appetizing, crispy and small size they are also perfect for salad or any side dish.

  • AUGA organic mushrooms are grown in modern farms using the latest mushroom cultivation technology, modern equipment and our own patented solutions.
  • We strictly control the process from collection of raw materials to growing, picking and delivering products to customers.
  • We produce our own mushroom substrate using raw materials collected from organic farms.
  • Mushrooms are picked and delivered to shops every day, so they are always fresh and taste great.

About Product -

  • Organic
  • Vegan friendly
  • Preservatives and Allergens free
  • No sugar added
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Smart pack less CO2, less waste
  • BPA free

Retail packaging -

  • 250g Bruto/ 140g Netto
  • Transparent doy-pack
  • 12 pouches / box
  • 156 boxes / pallet
  • Shelf life 365

Catering packaging -

  • 1,2kg Bruto/ 0,8kg Netto
  • Transparent doy-pack pouch
  • 8 pouches / box
  • 45 boxes / pallet
  • Shelf life 365

Product Details

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