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   The Company "Pâtes Warda" was created in 1997, it is specialized in the production of pastas and couscous. It markets its products under the brand Warda. Today, the company "Pâtes Warda" has a production capacity of 205 tons of pastas and 45 tons of couscous a day. It exports about 40 % of its production to more than 20 countries in the world. It is a subsidiary of the group «La Rose Blanche ", which is, one of the greatest food groups in Tunisia. 10 companies of the group «La Rose Blanche ", are operating in the selection, the transformation and the marketing of the wheat and its derivates. The other subsidiaries of the group are: MCSR (flour-semolina mill -certified ISO 22000 version 2005 and 9001 version 2008), GMC (flour-semolina mill), MEDIGRAIN, CMA, UNAGRO and 3S (collection, storage and trade of cereal), AMT (semolinas, flours, special flours) as well as SINDBAD and TRANSFOOD (respectively distribution company and transport company). To develop its international activity, the Company "Pâtes Warda" participates regularly in the big fairs of the food-processing industry (FOODEX, ANUGA, GULFOOD, SIAL, etc.) what allows him to canvass new customers and to stay up to date with market trends regarding product development. The competitiveness of the offer of "Pâtes Warda" allowed him to realize the growth necessary for the development of its process of internationalization begun since its creation in 1997. Today, "Pâtes Warda" exports its products in more than 30 countries around the world.

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