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The company Manuel Serra S.A. was founded in 1928, being one of the oldest olive oil companies in Portugal. Right now we are seeing the 4th generation stepping up for the business, following the footsteps and the passion of their family which allowed to keep pushing this company into a deeper Iberian dimension.
“Serrata”, the main flagship of the group, became an icon in Portugal and conquered the loyalty of many consumers around the world. In 2010, in order to boost our international prestige, we purchased the olive oil brand “VilaFlor” to target a high niche market segment with an elegant bottling and an exquisite “nectar” inside.Has a family owned business, one of our strenghts is the proximity with our clients needs, giving always the right attention to what they are looking for. Apart from it, we also are very strong in producing private labels for well known companies like Walmart, Cencosud, Carrefour,  Bidvest Belgium, Superunie, United Nordic or Lidl, for exemple. Our production line can pack from small bottles of 200ml to up tins of 10L. At the moment, we export for more than 15 countries spread over 5 different continents, so our exportation figures represents around 60% of our total figures. Our factory has IFS certification and we also  have Halal and Kosher certifications along with the Bio / Organic one.




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