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Akwawit S.A. is one of the leaders on the spirits and vodka market. Given that the company was established in 1879, our products are developed on rich tradition, experience and high quality ingredients. Continuous investments in technology increase our efficiency, capacity and quality. In our specialized laboratory we test our products to ensure solid and highest standards that meet expectations of demanding customers. We are proud of who we are and what we do. We share passion and dedication which is proved by the unique taste and  high quality of our products. Our portfolio includes pure vodkas with grain or potato spirits. Following changing market trends we also launched extraordinary flavored vodkas and liqueurs. Krakus, our iconic brand established in 1962, is globally recognized Polish heritage. Wide range of Krakus products satisfies different needs of various market segments. Wratislavia, a local pure vodka offered in elegant bottle, promotes Lower Silesia in Poland and worldwide. Jack Strong, blended whisky, was created as a result of Scottish and Polish collaboration that is built on established traditions in alcohol production. Among these flagships we also offer other brands such as Herbowa Gorzka, Abstynent, Turówka and Arktica. Our offer is also targeted at business customers. For years we have been creating personalized brands – private labels. Using our resources, knowledge and experience we provide comprehensive consultancy and tailor-made solutions for our business customers and importers. 

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