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Owned by the Stuart family since the 1960s,  the Pimpernel Wharf is an experienced company in the procurement and importation of delicatessen products including continental cheeses, edible oils, antipasti and charcuterie based in Surrey, UK. The company has become a pioneer in supplying cheese and meat products across UK at major supermarket chains, food manufacturers, food service, restaurant groups and wholesalers.

For instance, its continental cooked and cured meats are supplied to major restaurant groups and food manufacturing companies with Italian and Spanish continental meats. On the other hand, the cheese products are sliced and packed to individual customer specifications. The company also puts emphasis on delivering high standard of food products, and therefore, it is constantly building good relationships with its suppliers such as the olive growers and oil refiners in Spain and Italy. Additionally, its aim is to provide delicatessen products without the use of additives and preservatives.

The company has 4 distribution centres, notably in UK, Germany, France and Italy. Its logistics are controlled and streamlined by its own in-house transport manager. Pimpernel Wharf believes in using its resources as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, and thus have consolidation points in Europe and the UK. This arrangement is done to manage the stock internally when the product is not transported directly from the supplier.

Besides supplying the products to different niche markets, the company has also an extensive experience in handling the procurement, technical, and importation issues. For instance, there is a systematic ten-stage procurement process which the company applies.

Stage 1 requires a product request to the specialist procurement team, followed by stage 2, which is identification of potential suppliers based on several criteria such as logistics; DOP; and Accreditation.

The third stage is about ‘Pricing’, whereby the price of the product is reviewed, and suppliers are benchmarked.

Stage 4 consists of Ínternal Product Sampling’, where suppliers are considered, and stage 5 deals with the finalisation of potential suppliers. Followed by Pre-technical visit as stage 6 to assess requirement criterias and propose suggestions for production, and eventually submit samples at stage 7.

Stage 8 consists of product refinement according to specification leading to the next stage of finalising commercial and technical procedures.

The final stage is to bring the product in the market through Pimpernel Wharf.

Product lines:  continental cheese, feta, goat's cheese, hard cheese, mozzarella, reduced fat cheese, soft cheese, speciality cheese, charcuterie, cooked meat, fats, edible oils