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Okin is a producer of quality rustic pre-backed bread. At Okin we are going back to what is original in the broadest sense of the word – our origins, back to our roots, to the same bread as ever. We provide maximum quality bakery products, so that customers can enjoy freshly-baked bread at any time of the day.

Soft, crunchy, with a golden crust, spongy crumb and intense aroma. With 100% natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives.

We are specialists in rustic bread and we made all of our products in our own facilities, a modern facilities with proprietary technology.

We are IFS (International Food Standard) approved, guaranteeing the supply of safe products in compliance with current international laws and specifications.

Okin has always maintained a clear philosophy based on very basic principles: to produce bread with natural, tasty and healthy ingredients, using processes that respect both the product and the environment. This currently strong trend is already a key part of Okin and forms part of our daily activity and our own identity. Consumers trust us because we explain how our products are made, where they come from and the goodness they provide. Bread associated with a higher quality and which provide added value for our customers and consumers.

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