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Aquaculture is the most important activity of our group. We are the No1 company in the world in the production and trading of Mediterranean aquaculture species. The main species we produce are Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Meagre. We are also active in the field of juvenile production, fish feed production and aquaculture equipment, both for our own use and also for trading, with a wide range of customers in Greece and abroad. Following our successful growth, since 1988 we have facilities in Greece, Turkey and Spain, we trade our products in more than 35 countries around the world and have been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1995, while we are the first food exporting company in Greece and one of the 10 largest aquaculture companies in the world. Our company infrastructure includes 5 hatchery units, 3 pre-growing farms, 67 on-growing farms, 11 state of the art packaging facilities, 1 research center, 2 fish feed production factories, a processing factory and 1 aquaculture equipment production unit. Additionally, Nireus’ 100% subsidiary KEGOagri, provides integrated solutions and products to the industry of poultry, swine and cattle farming. The main products and services offered by KEGOagri are selected breeding stock, feed and health products, farm equipment, as well as technical know-how and solutions that meet all the needs of the modern livestock producer

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