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MOLINO NICOLI spa is one of the oldest Milling Companies in Italy, carrying on the proud tradition since 1869, 5 generations of the Nicoli family have successfully owned and run the corn mill to the present day.

The Company covers the market of:

  1. Breakfast Cereals (conventional, organic, gluten free, baby food)
  2. Cereal Bars (conventional, organic, gluten free, functional, healthy)
  3. Corn flours, Breadcrumb, Cous Cous (conventional, organic, gluten free)
  4. Healthy Chips & Puffs (organic, gluten free, baby food)
  5. Flours Mix for bread, pizza and cakes (organic, gluten free)
  6. Oat Cookies, Oat crunchy bars, granolas (organic, gluten free)
  7. Frozen gluten free Pizza                           

Molino Nicoli is one of the market leader for “Polenta” corn flours, a traditional and genuine Italian dish, offering more than 12 varieties of this product.

Molino Nicoli , as well, is one of the biggest traditional cereal flakes manufacturers in Italy, and is the point of reference in Europe for Gluten free cereals, being the only one with a dedicated facility.

Our mission is based on 2 main principles:

  1. Developing Gluten free and healthy products with a good taste
  2. The Highest Quality Standard through traditional cooking process (not by extrusion)

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