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Molino Merano is a dynamic company combining historical milling tradition with modern production technology. The processing of grain of all kinds, we have dedicated ourselves since over 30 years now. Flours, baking ingredients, baking mixes and specialty products for bakeries and the food industry, as well as food from organic farming are among our product range. Our latest novelty is the production of mother leaven (Lievito Madre) produced in our establishment, guaranteeing different applications for clean label products. Also separated from our mill we have highly specialized production site for the milling and mixing of gluten free raw materials. We use special know-how to produce excellent baking mixtures from high-quality gluten free raw ingredients for bread and pastries, which are almost identical in terms of appearance and taste to the best traditional bakery products. Special packaging solutions are offered by our innovative new packs with easy open by maintaining all product safety with modified atmosphere and much more.

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