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Medena AG is the leading Swiss company for developing, manufacturing, filling and packaging of a large range of products in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetical field.

We launch approximately 200 new products every year.

Medena can provide also with the full service from the idea to the finished product.

Our core competence :

- Cosmetics (Skin, Body, Hair, Teeth care, Lip Gloss, Rapellent, Aerosol, etc)
  Full service includes new ideas, development, manufacturing, packaging, etc.

- Pharma / Medical Device
  Full service includes new ideas, development, manufacturing, packaging, etc.

We would also like to mention that, of course, all our  products have high Swiss quality and apply International standarts and are convinced that our products, which can be produced under your company name or any other private label, due to its price strategy might be very interesting for your company.

We are more than confident that your customers will appreciate these high quality products and will be delighted to send you some samples of our products which are you interested in.

We would be happy to meet you in person for the further discussions.

We are sure, that we can develop a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation and sincerely looking forward to it.

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