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Laktos is an importer based in Prague, founded in 1936. Specialised in the distribution of dairy products, the company operates in Europe and outside Europe.

The company has a production plant whose main activity is the manufacturing of processed cheese. In fact, in 1960, following the production of 340 million litres of milk per year, the company was declared the largest producer of dairy products. In 2016, the company initiated the construction of a new factory in the Krasna Hora village.

Laktos has its private label of the same name and can be found under the following categories:

  • Dairy
  • Chilled and fresh
  • Sweet grocery

With a retail store for clients to purchase Laktos products, the needs of different consumers are met.

Other activities of the importer are:

  • Export of dairy products as well as other product types
  • Dairy products provided for sale in the European region
  • Laktos also offers to register the clients’ products to different Czech retailers and Slovakia. Additional services includes: transport, distribution, sales promotion and advertisement.
  • Using their own brand Laktos, Laktos can sell and distribute dairy products
  • The clients benefit from the expertise and know-how of the firm pertaining to retail market in Czech republic and Slovakia as well as its vast network of major retailers on the market.
  • The firm also arranges events in relation to promotions.

Regarding the logistics features, Laktos has warehouses with temperature settings (-21 degrees celsius) in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Tempered trucks are also put to disposition with maximum load 24MT.

Laktos deals with different clients including:

  • Food distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Processing companies
  • International retail chains
  • Catering outlets
  • Independent traders