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When our Grandfather John Tress sen. started in 1950 with organic he was one of the first in Germany. Although he was often ridiculed for it, he remained faithful to his way, to operate a farm in harmony with nature. Over the years the TRESS-Food-Company was growing in gastronomy sector. So since 1950 the Tress-Family is the owner of one of the first organic restaurants. In the meantime we´re owning two organic restaurants one old castle for events and the first organic hotel in the south in the south of Germany. Furthermore is our brother Simon getting more famous  as a TV-Chef in Germany who already wrote five cookbooks.

This combination of several business parts and strentghs in the company is making the TRESS-Food-Company so unique and powerful for the food-market. Because of our thousands customers in the several business units we´re getting a quick and true feedback from the market to our products. 

Right now we are the leading manufacturer for organic soups and stews here in Germany. Whereby our focus is to do generally organic products. As innovations we launch right now new vegan Desserts, vegan Risottos and vegan porridges.

Our profile is based on the following attributes:

  • Competence in product development and finding trends
  • 90% Vegan products
  • Many products "Free from"
  • Only organic products
  • Non GMO
  • Many products "without added sugar"

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