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About us

Ingredion is a leading global ingredients solutions provider. Specialising in a wide range of nature-based highly functional starches, clean label starches, nutritional ingredients and high-quality sweeteners, Ingredion also delivers market-shaping innovations and cutting-edge technical and formulation support to help customers succeed today and in the future.

Our versatile starches, nutrition ingredients and sweeteners help you create crispier snacks, creamier fat-free dressings, more refreshing sugar-free drinks and cereals that keep consumers feeling fuller for longer.

We’ll help you achieve that health claim, simplify your ingredient lists or make your products greener and more sustainable.

Working with our teams, you will be able to streamline your new product development and overcome formulation or processing challenges. We will put our consumer and market knowledge and proven expertise to work for you.

At Ingredion, we are deeply immersed in current and emerging consumer needs and understand how to answer them. That’s why we have organised our offerings around the macro trends in the areas of:

  • Health and nutrition by adding or removing ingredients
  • Simpler, minimally processed products with clean labels
  • Enhanced sensory experiences in what people eat, drink or use in daily life
  • Affordability of products and the ingredients and processes used to make them
  • Convenience and performance, including stability, processability and sustainability

The latest insights and innovations

At Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, we invest in consumer insights, applied research and innovation capabilities such as formulation knowhow, CULINOLOGY® services and advanced process technologies.

That means we can help you develop such foods as sugar-reduced beverages with great mouthfeel or reduced fat Greek style yoghurt which retains its indulgent, creamy texture.

We can help you replace petroleum materials to create bioplastics with great environmental and cost credentials as well as improves the softness and strength of your facial tissues.

Whatever the challenge or opportunity, you can translate consumer needs into on-trend marketplace success stories when you collaborate with Ingredion.

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