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Grupo Sada is Spain's leading company, specialising in comprehensive poultry production, aimed at the traditional market, modern distribution and food service. Grupo Sada is involved in the complete management of the production cycle of chicken - from breeding, hatcheries, broiler farms and processing plants, to the distribution and marketing of the product. Our mission is to be the best partner for our customers, by providing them with safe, healthy and nutritious chicken and chicken products, by satisfying current and future consumer demands.

The quality system and the food safety BRC, alongside HACCP systems implemented in all of the group's slaughterhouses and processing plants, allow us to guarantee quality and safety in all of our products. Our plants are modern chicken processing facilities and cutting channels, boasting powerful refrigeration equipment which allows us to maintain our products at an appropriate and favourable preserving temperature. This is the foundation to ensure the perfect state of our products at the time of distribution.

Our main headquarters is in Tres Cantos (Madrid). Grupo SADA is made up by 9 production plants, equipped with the latest technology, we have a sales network in our organisation that covers the whole of Spain and part of Europe (Portugal, France and Germany), 24 branches, with 260 capillary distribution routes that reach nearly 7,000 customers and 6 hatcheries that provide chicks to 1,000 farmers distributed throughout Spain, who fatten chickens exclusively for the group at their premises.

We have 2 research centres:

A Food Research Centre (FRC) in Toledo (Lominchar). Its main research lines are focused on the development of new products based on chicken meat, preservation of the food and issues relating to meat quality and safety throughout the production chain.

The Poultry Research Centre (PRC). The problems relating to animal welfare, the use of natural products in poultry and rabbit feed and the strict control of the production systems, are issues that our team of researchers at the centre devote all their efforts to, so as to find the best solutions, in the interest of greater productive efficiency, but respecting the ethical regulations for animal handling and by carrying out a thorough quality control of the final product. This centre has one of the best facilities for this type of activity in Europe.

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