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The 'OLEIFICIO LLI Ruata SpA "DROP OF GOLD" operates in over three generations, producing the full range of vegetable oils. Extra virgin olive oil and olive oil, with selected organic products. . The production facilities are technologically advanced, and adopted a quality assurance system based on HACCP to ensure the whole process in terms of safety and hygiene. Our plant is located in Baldissero d'Alba (CN), with a production capacity of over 900 / day in sizes from 0.250 liters to 5 liters of olive oils and in sizes from 1 liter to 25 liters per seed oils. The pride of Oleificio F.lli Ruata is quality control in all stages of production. In fact, in addition to performing the organoleptic analysis of all products in input and output, the oil mill F.lli Ruata has a modern analytical laboratory, equipped with three chromatographs HRGC, HPLC of a chromatograph, a UV-VIS spectrophotometer , of apparatus for the Rancimat test. The laboratory and quality control 'by persons having graduated, verification that all chemical and organoleptic parameters of batch production, to verify their correspondence to the strictest Italian and international. All our products comply with new EU regulations. Product reliability along with a prompt and efficient service are our essential requirements in order to meet today's market demands and needs of customers who require quality assurance.

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