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A benchmark company in the Portuguese corporate landscape, Gelpeixe is focused on exports and national production investing in diversification of supply and innovation of productive processes. Gelpeixe also invests in infrastructure modernization in order to meet the demand of both national and international operations.

The facilities are headquartered in Loures. Gelpeixe has a construction area of more than 10.000m2, a storage capacity of over 20.000m3 and a daily productive capacity of 40 tons. Efficient management of both the business model and processes has allowed Gelpeixe to grow in a solid and sustainable way over the last 40 years.

Innovation and development processes are strategic for Gelpeixe and so is the market’s demand of sustainability and convenience. The company invests in the promotion of the concept «Portugal at the Table» accross different markets to raise awareness of Portuguese gastronomy and culture.

Gelpeixe has more than 800 products and its portfolio is divided in two main brands: Gelpeixe and Delidu. Each of these brands has four categories - Junior, Chef, Profissional and Gourmet. The majority of its turnover comes from seafood transformation, but Gelpeixe also markets other frozen products such as snacks and appetizers, soups, vegetables, ready-meals and desserts.


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